Landing in Bali, I had no idea what to expect. A few minutes after leaving from the airport I was surrounded by stores and traffic. I remember genuinely thinking I landed in the wrong place! I read somewhere that your dreams of Bali will die in your first hour of traffic haha. Anyways, arriving from Bangkok I was used to the bustle of a big city.

I travel with a single carry-on backpack, so a friend of a friend came to pick me up on a scooter. The last time I was on the back of a scooter was in Costa Rica, driving through town with a friend. I was so thrilled to get back on a scooter as I made my way into the city I would call home for the next fours weeks, Canggu. Four weeks turned into five months. Now writing this from the other side of the world, I am missing Bali. Between the time I left until now I’ve had the opportunity to visit London, Spain, and Switzerland. This week I am making my way across Canada. I’ve enjoyed every second away from the island but with a return ticket for this summer, I’m smiling knowing that I’ll be back.

Here are five reasons why I love Bali

Digital Nomad Community

I didn’t really know what a digital nomad was when I started travelling. I had read Tim Ferris’ book, the 4 Hour Work Week and I felt like I could relate to those values but I didn’t really understand why we needed a whole community for working remotely!

This year I’ve had the opportunity to tap into these digital nomad communities. The strongest community was the one being in Bali – and I’ve seen my business grow as a result.

Imagine every day when you open your laptop and sit down to work, you have a room full of people who are eager to know what you’re working on and help you during your entrepreneurial journey. Being surround by brilliant, ambitious people is certainly a way to improve your own business. I was working out of a space called Dojo Bali most of my time on the island.

Me, working hard at Dojo Bali Coworking space

My Personal Community

Outside of the digital nomad community, I found it so easy to make friends. A lot of the people I met in Bali were people who called it home and had set up base there.

Especially in October, right at the end of high-season I remember going out to bars alone simply knowing I would run into a million people I know. I had a strong community of people and for me, that’s what makes a place really feel like home.

Beach Life

Maybe because I was born in-land? I don’t know, but I’m obsessed with the ocean. No, I’m not a surfer – I try though!

I didn’t go to the beach every day but I was there most days. For me, knowing that I’m so close to the ocean makes me so happy. Getting back to the city, having to wear non-beach clothes has certainly been a challenge!

We would go to the beach for sunset most days, get a coconut, some grilled corn and watch the sunset. It is the perfect way to end a work day.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bali is so low. When I got back to Canada to visit my family, I almost died when my friend invited me out to a restaurant and I looked at the prices on the menu. “Are you kidding me?” I would say and then I became one of those annoying people who were like “In Bali this would only be $XX.”

I swear, I stopped doing that haha.

My apartment was about $450 USD per month. I had a lovely pool, really good internet, great neighbours, and my room would be clean every time I came back. The owners of the property were absolutely amazing.

Bali Pace

My life in Bali was just a bit slower and I had a bit more time it seemed. I made more time for fitness, friends but still got a lot of work done. I was feeling very healthy, present and like my best self.

When I couldn’t focus I would go have a massage or walk down to the beach to people watch.

Although I’m heading back to Bali very soon I am working hard to take the lessons I’ve learned about slowing down and the importance of community into any place I go to. It’s easy to get caught up in your business. Growth is always on the horizon and it always seems like there’s just one more thing to do before you can go see that friend, or make time for your family. I’m working on setting that one thing aside and going out to watch the sunset.