This year has been absolutely amazing and full of travel. A true adventure and totally unexpected. I am writing this because I’m extremely grateful for this last year and I want to remember some of the things that made it great. It’s easy for time to go by and for us to lose perspective of all the amazing moments that brought us to own ‘now.’ I want to say thank you for all the wonderful people I’ve met along this journey that has made my 2017 absolutely amazing and unforgettable.

As I write this I’m at my parent’s house, just outside of Toronto. I’m visiting for the holidays and I feel a sense of overwhelming joy. Even though I love travelling, there’s nothing like coming home to your family. It’s a wonderful feeling to truly believe that where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. One of my goals for this year is sharing my life a bit more with all of you. I want to you to feel inspired and empowered to travel or live your dream life – whatever that may look like.

It can be scary to put your life on display, but I’m excited about the challenge.



Starting off this year I was feeling a bit uncertain about where to go. I spent the last half of 2016 in Bali and really felt I should travel and be somewhere different for 2017. After coming home for Christmas and going over my goals, I realized that Bali was the best place to start my 2017 journey.

There was a lot of uncertainty in January but I was excited to travel back to the place I love to call home, Bali. I met new friends and started working on my studio a bit more seriously.

Girl with Laptop

Me a few days after arriving in Bali


With Bali being in rain season I decided to travel to Bangkok and Singapore. I was so certain I would be in Bali for the rest of the year so this was huge a shift. 2017 was certainly a year for exploration.


singapore trees park


I mainly spent this month in Singapore with a cheeky visit to Bali in-between. I worked on this really cool travel social enterprise project called Troveko in March with my best friend Eli. We ended up getting into the Singapore International Foundation and pitched to get into an incubator for social enterprises. It was a super unique experience, I learned so much.

I took up a lot of new activities like boxing and ballet!

ballet class

Boxing classes in Singapore!

girl boxing class

Towards the end of March I went to London to meet my mom for a little vacation. London was on her travel bucket list, so I was stoked to help her tick it off.

girl braids london bridge


I spent the beginning of April in the south Spain at a co-living space called Sun & Co. It was nice to be in the south and get some sun! I spent most days by the ocean and most nights eating tapas with good wine.

cooking contest

I ended up squeezing in a bit of the in Barcelona before my flight back to Canada for some much-needed family time!



I had a super unique opportunity in May to travel and work in Switzerland for a couple weeks. This experience was made possible by my awesome friends at Wanderbrief. They help connect remote workers with amazing companies all around the world. I was able to work with Partner & Partner as a creative designer for a couple weeks while exploring Zurich and Winterthur.

In May I started collecting my first site of subscribers for my blog. I actually didn’t even have a blog yet haha – but I was keen to start collecting an audience. This was a super inspiring to know that there are people out there eager to read and listen to your knowledge and about your life. Sometimes you think what you know may not be of value, but when you start putting it out there – I’m 100% sure the response will pleasantly surprise you.


It was time for me to travel through Canada. In June to spent my time on the West coast. Vancouver has always been on my bucket list – but on the other side of Canada, I just never got around to it. Vancouver was just breathtaking, and I know I’m going to spend more time there in the future. It’s crazy when you’re driving down into the city – all you see is mountains in front of you. The air is incredibly clean.

The end of June brought me back to Bangkok for a couple of weeks before heading back to Bali.


Unofficially, I moved to Bali – I was so happy to be back and ready to focus. I started Crossfit and began to eat more mindfully. I started to post regularly on my blog, attracting larger clients, hire more contractors – everything in Bali was moving smoothly.



Check out my post on Bali if you want to know why I love it so much.

I stayed in Bali until September


Being back in Canada for the fall was amazing. I spent some time with my family and then headed over to Montreal to see some of my closest friends.


I decided to switch things up and travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to catch their spring and the start of summer.

Buenos Aires was such a vibrant city, truly a place meant for love. You can feel that energy in the air. I didn’t work too much in Argentina but I hit some amazing income goals and really stabilized my business.

I started in Argentina until mid December.


This month has been super special. I left Argentina for an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. The experience was really eye-opening and encouraged me to write this blog post. I felt that after that experience it was important that I continue to share my journey online with all of you. I also got to see Machu Picchu – way fucking cool.

I’m home with my family and writing my goals for 2018. I’m super excited.

I’ll start my year off in Buenos Aires, followed by three months in my favourite city in the world – Lisbon.

What are some of your travel goals for 2018?