When you think of someone planning out their week with sports, dance classes, music lessons and art workshops, who do you picture? My guess is this seems like the schedule of a child who has taken on many activities. But why does our society so often think that these extracurriculars are only meant for children? Trying new things can already be scary, but it is even more so when our culture believes that fun and interesting activities are not meant for adults.

Adult classes are not something to avoid or be embarrassed about for many reasons. Think about the people in your life who have chosen to go back to school or take night classes to earn a degree. Do you consider that a waste of time? No! They are learning a new skill or getting a higher education in order to change their lives. And learning anything new, whether it be for work or for fun, changes your life for the better.

Often in a world where we prioritize adult responsibilities and the day-to-day hassles of life, the idea of setting aside time and money for something fun seems frivolous. People forget that creative endeavors are worthwhile. Exercising different parts of your brain, challenging yourself, or doing something that makes you happy contributes to mental wellness. The need for mental and spiritual health does not go away after childhood.

One thing to remember is that the stresses of life can take control of your attitude and change the way you look at the world. Whether you are in your a 20-something feeling aimless or a grandparent looking to find enjoyment, adult classes can be great outlet when anxiety and restlessness are too much to take. Maybe you want to take a boxing class to channel that energy or get in shape. Or you want to learn pottery to test your artistic limits. Or you want to try a dance class abroad when you are traveling for work or are unsure how to spend your vacation. When you follow your instincts and stop being afraid, the possibilities are endless!

One of the many joys in life is the variety of experiences one can have. The world is at our fingertips. Any inhibition you might have based on what you think you are “supposed to do” is a waste of time. Childhood isn’t the last opportunity to be successful at something creative or fun. Don’t let new and wonderful opportunities pass you by. Go take a dance class!