freelancers stay productive - using rituals

Rituals are defined as symbolic acts or behaviors we perform before, during, and/or after a meaningful event. A ritual can be anything from drinking your morning coffee, tidying up your desk or saying a prayer before bed. These rituals can help us as freelancers stay productive (and feeling good.)

Believe it or not, the small rituals you perform during the work day are helping you significantly. 

Recent studies done by Harvard Business School show that performing rituals before high-pressure tasks actually reduce anxiety while increasing confidence!

For example, basketball players who performed a ritual before making a free-throw shot were often more successful than those who did not.

The rituals were as small as twirling the ball or stamping their feet before taking a shot!
No matter how small a ritual may be, science proves that they help to center your focus and boost your confidence.

So, how can we use this new information as freelancers to stay productive?

Do a small ritual when moving on from one task to another.

When you’re working on a task, it takes all of your focus. You want to move on to the next task, but switching focus is often hard and drawn-out.

Take a break between tasks to perform a little ritual, almost like a reward.

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Photographer: Jeffrey Wegrzyn | Source: Unsplash

When you finish a task, take a moment to refill your drink, stretch, grab a snack, or even give yourself a little head massage.

Performing your small ritual will clear your mind and signal to your brain that you’re ready for the task you know is coming.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment for a ritual.

When stress hits during the work day, every task feels urgent but we can’t seem to stay concentrated. 

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Photographer: Eli DeFaria | Source: Unsplash

When you just can’t seem to focus, stand up and do a little ritual to signal a change.
Doing something as small as taking a big gulp of water and a deep breath can, in fact, reduce your stress and anxiety. A lower stress level and reduced anxiety make it easier to help us freelancers stay productive.

It’s like telling your brain,“Ok,have a stretch and a drink of water and then: we’ll be ready to get to work!”

Before a meeting or presentation, perform a little ritual to prepare.

If you’ve got a big meeting or presentation coming up, odds are you’ve spent some time preparing. Don’t stop there!

Just before you enter the room, do a little pre-performance ritual to ease your nerves.
Studies have proved that rituals can help you shake off nerves and lower anxiety.

Try doing a ritual as simple as shaking your shoulders out or raising your arms in a stretch. These may seem silly but they truly help freelancers stay productive. They’ll give your body a jolt as they banish anxiety!

✅ Reduced anxiety – helps freelancers stay productive

Do you have any rituals? I like to take a huge drink of water between tasks to tell my brain I’m ready! Write what helps you below!