How To Win On Instagram


Many of you have found me on Instagram. It’s been so awesome to connect and share my journey with you all. Before I dive into this article I wanted to update you on some new things I’ve been working on. Since my last article which recapped 2017, there’s been a lot happening. 

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One of those tips and tricks revolve around Instagram.
Instagram is one of my favourite social media tools for business. It allows you to not only show off your personal brand but direct traffic to any of your businesses or projects.
I’ve seen some of your Instagram filled with amazing content. I see accounts creating such high-quality content that no one sees. I want the world to see what you create and that’s why I’m sharing my biggest Instagram secret with you all today.
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Here are 5 Tips for Creating a Thriving Instagram


1. Have a Brand

I know you may want to show off every aspect of your life but keep it consistent. You should be able to summarize what your Instagram is about in a few words. What keywords summarize your Instagram?
If you are about travel, make sure all your post can somehow relate to travel. If you are a personal brand, make sure that your post still reflects an ethos.
Pro Tip: Ask a few new friends to look at your existing Instagram and summarize what it’s about. If they stumble or take long to answer – you may want to rethink content theme you are putting out there.

2. Have a Story

People are following you for you and not solely for amazing photos or videos. Ensure every post has a little story, and be sure that story follows your brand. I post a lot of content about myself, my journey and the freedom of travelling and working online. My post stories are not elaborate but I do talk about how I feel in each post and often how grateful I am for the moment I am in.
Make sure you post tells a story.

3. Quality is King

Even if you have 1k followers, build content like a 100k influencer. You want your content to reflect where you want to be – and the quality of your photos and videos will show that. Take time to curate your content so that it looks good and keeps up to a certain quality standard.
You don’t need a $2000 camera to take great Instagram photos. Be mindful that your quality stays consistent.

Next Steps

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