This week has been super eye opening. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from all of you explaining why you signed up to be a part of this community. The theme of the responses revolved around change.

You communicated to me that it was time for something different in your life. You’ve been stuck in the same place, same job, same relationship and you know you’re meant for something greater. You are craving a stronger sense of purpose in life.  You want to get unstuck. You want to be doing something that fulfils you, that gives you the financial support you need and allows you the freedom to travel and explore.

I want to help you find that thing but before we can even get there we have to commit to changing. We need to get unstuck to move towards a new version of ourselves.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” ~Mandy Hale

I know it can be overwhelming so here are 5 simple ways we can start getting unstuck:

Change up your mornings

Free your mornings, feel unstuck


This may sound a bit silly. What does my morning have to do with getting unstuck in my life?

Your mornings are the foundation to your day as they set a tone for you to follow. If you are waking up without any enthusiasm, where do you think it will come from later on in the day?

Personally, I would get a bit overwhelmed in the mornings. I would check my email to find that I have 20+ requests from my clients, a missed call from my mom and a bill that I forgot to pay. I woke up stressed and in a panic! As the morning continued, I would slowly start to answer each request, call back my family and pay those bills, but I didn’t enjoy the rest of the day. It took me hours to wind down from the panic of the morning.

I tried to do something new because I felt stuck every morning. I wanted to get unstuck. What I tried was waking up earlier. Waking up earlier gave me more time to deal with all of these morning issues. I woke up before anyone else was awake, at 5am and I sorted myself out. Therefore, I had so much extra time to deal with the rush of the morning.

Try waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual and see how it feels. You will struggle to get unstuck if you feel overwhelmed by the day to day. It’s hard to think of the next step or change if you haven’t even made it through your morning.

Think about the end

Instead of focusing on the journey, think about what being unstuck would look like. You know you want to change, you’re not sure how and that’s okay – but what do you want that change to feel like? Where do you want to be in life after you’re unstuck?

Sometimes envisioning the end gets us back to the beginning.

Pretend you’re not stuck

How would you act if you felt fulfilled? Try acting that way for a few days and see what changes happen. Think about actors who are preparing for a role. These actors engross themselves in everything that has to do with the new personality they are trying to create.

When we are trying to create a new version of ourselves, we need to surround ourselves and act like the ‘future us.’

A great example of this would be when I started my first design agency. I was not the best designer but I knew I wanted to become one. I was always honest but approached every pitch and conversation around design with ‘fake’ confidence. I knew where I fell short but I was prepared mentally to approach any situation that a great designer would approach.

This was the key to me actually becoming a great designer.

Update Your Resume

Start preparing to be unstuck. What job would you want if you weren’t stuck? Update your LinkedIn headline or the job title on your resume to reflect the future you. This will require you going back to step two – think about the end and what being unstuck will look like.

Ask for help

You can do it alone, but it will be a faster road if we do it together. I’m releasing a new set of programs to help you guys get started working online. Below comment “I’m In” and I’ll you to the waitlist. 

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