If you’re a writing whizz with a natural flair for words, have you considered to use your skills to start-up your own online freelance writing business? With everything becoming more and more digitized, firms are increasingly in need of people to produce content for a variety of websites, advertisements, eBooks, and reviews.

So, how can you start online freelance writing?

1. Decide Your Area of Expertise
Select an area you’d like to publish in, and see if a demand for it exists. For example, travel blogs, recipes or business reviews. Choose areas that you genuinely enjoy and where you’ll be able to craft a personal writing brand (very important!). Becoming inspired with your chosen area of ability means you’ll keep your work relevant and be able to offer your clients the very best.

2. Create Your Business
After investing in a personal writing brand, create a site that showcases it. Don’t worry if you don’t have the technical skills to build and design a site. Outsourcing to people who focus on web design, such as, is an option. You should also consider your conditions and terms of business. Many authors need a 50% down payment to begin a job, with the rest due once the content is received. These types of payment arrangements help make sure a writer gets paid for their work.

3. Market Your Business
You’re a writer, so published works are your best advertisement! Provide links or a portfolio of your written content that has been published on e-zines and blogs. Make sure to create social media pages with nicely written sales pitches, so that followers can be driven to your website to become potential clients. Comment on weblogs in your area of ability. For instance, if you are a fitness and health writer, often visit and comment on blogs, sites and other outlets with this topic. Likewise, engage with Facebook communities and other business forums. Facebook is a great place to draw attention to your freelance business and gives you the opportunity to learn and connect with potential clients and partners.

4. Concentrate On A Certain Market
If you concentrate on a specific writing field, this will give you the opportunity to fine tune your brand and improve your services and skills. Publishing is definitely an art and like the majority of disciplines, there is often room for development! Be constantly in a state of learning. Sign up for online creative writing lessons, read resources from experts in your field and study your chosen area inside out.

5. Expand Your Business
As your business evolves, you’ll develop into more than just a writer. You’ll develop into an expert. Stay positive about your skills and know how much you’re worth. As your clients increasingly rely on you as a consultant, they’ll be more than willing to pay you for your time.